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Society's Worldview


How can the church be aware of, and respond to, our society’s messages about singleness, dating, relationships and marriage?

It’s essential for Christians to know how they are impacted by current social trends, and how to respond to these from a Christian perspective.



Harry Benson (Research Director, The Marriage Foundation)

The message from research: Stick to your guns on marriage


See Chapter 3 ‘The wider context: current marriage trends’ by Harry Benson, Research Director at Marriage Foundation.























Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking relationship beyond an age of individualism (Dale Kuehne, 2009)

             Summary Article: Sex and the iWorld (Kuehne) by Sally Bertlin, Jubilee Centre, Cambridge

Just Sex: Is it ever just sex? (Guy Brandon, 2009)

             Summary Article: Just Sex? (Brandon) by Sally Bertlin, Jubilee Centre, Cambridge    

Marriage: Sex in the Service of God (Christopher Ash, 2003)

The Emotionally Healthy Church (Peter Scazzero, 2003)

Research reports

Evangelical Alliance Report: How’s the Family? (2012)


Churchgoing in the UK: A research report from Tearfund on church attendance in the UK (2007)


Men Practising Christian worship (Jan 2015)   The results of a YouGov survey funded by Christian Vision for Men and


Patricia Morgan, Marriage-Lite: The rise of Cohabitation and its consequences (Institute for the Study of Civil Society, 2000)


The Family Pressure Gauge, Relationships Foundation, Cambridge, May 2011. David Wong, John Ashcroft and Sam Barker


The Jubilee Manifesto, John Ashcroft and Michael Schluter (eds), IVP 2005

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Jonathan Tame, Director, Jubilee Centre

The Challenge of the i-world

2013 Consultation Making Christian Marriage Possible, Powerpoint slides


Jonathan Tame, Director, Jubilee Centre

Christian Marriage: Can we keep our heads above water?

2012 Symposium Making Christian Marriage Possible, Powerpoint slides

Websites with resources/research/reports/briefings/books/events

“We champion long-lasting, stable relationships within marriage. We therefore aim to promote:

· wider and earlier access to relationships support and education

·better public understanding of the nature and benefits of marriage.”

“The Relationships Foundation applies its relational thinking framework to a wide range of contexts - from family and community, to public policy and business.”

“The Jubilee Centre is a Christian social reform organisation that offers a biblical perspective on issues and trends of relevance to the general public.”

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