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Young People: Christian singleness, dating and relationships


Understanding who you are in Christ is the starting point for healthy self-identity, self-esteem, communication, commitment and relationships of all kinds. 

Sometimes your relationship with your parents, and the impact of their marriage/divorce, can be tough. 

How can we help each other grow spiritually and emotionally?

And what does a good Christian relationship with a member of the opposite sex look like? 

The resources below give some answers.


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7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men: How to lead a gender balanced church supporting healthy singleness, dating, marriage and youth (The Engage Network, 2018)

See chapters 10 and 11 ‘Parenting and Discipleship/Youthwork and Discipleship around young people’s dating and relationships: what would it look like if things were working well in the church?’  

A Guide to Growing Up: Honest Conversations About Puberty, Sex And God (Sarah Smith, 2017) 

An excellent and unique resource – essential reading for teens and adults!

“If you’re looking for a book that combines biblical wisdom and accurate information about everything to do with sex (and I mean everything) with a focus on inspiring self-appreciation and responsibility, then this book is for you.” (Rachel Gardner, Founder of the Romance Academy and President of the Girls’ Brigade, England and Wales)

Freedom in Christ  

“Every young disciple is looking to engage with Jesus in a way that will change lives. This innovative, exciting course helps young people discover the truth of who they are in Christ and be set free to be all that God has made them as a result.” Mike Pilavachi, Founder & Director of Soul Survivor



Explore is a relationships education charity, set up in 2000 which delivers workshops that help young people discuss, evaluate and explore long-term, positive, healthy relationships. Each session is run by a professional Explore local development officer who will manage the whole session for you, for a one-hour session, a half day or a full day conference.

Acet Uk     (UK and International)

"Championing healthy relationships and sexual wellbeing for young people....we equip and inspire individuals, schools, churches and organisations, in the UK and internationally, to transform culture by promoting healthy self-esteem, positive relationships and good sexual health." Training programmes for young people, teachers, youth workers, parents and others.

For girls

Cherished: Boys, Bodies and Becoming a Girl of Gold (Rachel Gardner, 2009)

Book for teenage girls. Short course materials available for leaders. 

For girls

More Precious 

"Committed to equipping girls and young women to grow in their relationship with God." Lots of great inspiring and practical resources for girls addressing all sorts of issues, including singleness, dating and relationships.

For boys

Manmade (Making Men out of Boys course from Christian Vision for Men)

Relationship Dilemma

Book: The Dating Dilemma (Rachel Gardner and Andre Adefope, 2013)

Summary Article about ‘The Dating Dilemma’ by Andre Adefope

More info at:

Pure: Sex and Relationships God's way (Linda Marshall, 2010)

"Linda Marshall, student worker and this book's author says, 'Pure began life a bit accidentally, to be honest, as a six-week course for young people on what God says about sex and relationships. It's so exciting to see it moving on to this next stage where it can be of use to the wider church.'" 

Six chapters, each based on a bible passage, with discussion questions.

Youth Alpha

“Alpha is a practical introduction to the Christian faith, aimed particularly at non-churchgoers and new Christians… Youth Alpha is designed to give young people (11-18 yrs) the opportunity to explore life and faith. It's run by young people for young people and can be held in churches, youth clubs, coffee shops, schools, skate parks, beaches...The options are endless!”

Christianity Explored Youth Edition (CY) 

"This seven-week course is designed to present young people with the good news about Jesus…Featuring the new Soul DVD, with a creative mixture of Bible studies, talks, activities and group discussions, CY takes your youth group on a journey through Mark's Gospel. They'll discover the identity, mission and call of Jesus on their lives - who is Jesus, what he came to do and how he calls us to respond."


Evangelical Alliance runs Time to Talk, a resource that promotes better conversations about Relationship and Sex Education

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