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7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men: How to lead a gender balanced church supporting healthy singleness, dating, marriage and youth

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About the book

This unique handbook for church leaders and other Christians blends research, theology and very practical approaches. It explains how the lack of men in our congregations is seriously impacting on men, women and young people, as well as singleness, dating, marriage and parenting. But it also shows what it could look like if things were working well in the church for us all. Written by experts in their fields, 7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men is a resource to help you both understand the problems and implement solutions in your context, whether at a personal, local church or national church level.


7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men flyer (pdf)


Annabel Clarke, Chartered Psychologist and Co-Chair of The Engage Network

Nathan Blackaby, CEO of Christian Vision for Men and Co-Chair of The Engage Network

Harry Benson, Research Director, Marriage Foundation

Revd Dr Adrian Chatfield, Fellow of Ridley Hall Theological College, Cambridge 

Laura Hancock, Director of Resources, British Youth for Christ

David and Liz Percival, Directors of 2-in-2-1

Paula Pridham, Executive Director of Care for the Family

Revd Kate Wharton, Vicar of St. Bart’s Church, Roby and Assistant National Leader for New Wine

What people have said about this book

This book takes an honest look at the gender imbalance in the church and the extraordinary impact of that imbalance on so many lives across the generations. It asks real questions that we need to face, calling us to work together, across many different ministries and areas of church life – especially to look at our evangelism and discipleship of men. 

Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf, National Mission and Evangelism Advisor to the Church of England

This book is so practical, theological and pragmatic in its approach that it would enhance any church ministry in the totality of church being family. It is also prepared to base a lot of its findings on research, which I found enlightening, and its abundantly practical approach to the issues the church family faces is so exciting. It is inspiring to see how the church could look different in the future.

Roy Crowne, Executive Director, HOPE

This book not only articulates a compelling vision ‒ that our churches have a healthy view of Christian singleness, dating and marriage ‒ but also sets out the practical steps we need to take in order to see that vision become a reality. With informed contributions from those who are experts in their fields it addresses not just the ‘what’ but the ‘how’. All churches will benefit from the wisdom in this book. Read it for a wake-up call to action alongside some clear strategies to implement that will make a difference to our churches in every generation.

Katharine Hill, UK Director, Care for the Family

What a vital subject and a key resource to provoke thousands of conversations. I’m convinced as a church community, we are just not talking enough about our gender imbalance, singleness, ‘going out’ (dating) or commitment (marriage). My encouragement to church leaders would be: share it around the team, discuss it with those who are single in your church and see if you can agree a way forward.

Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance

This is a great book with an important message. It deserves to be widely read. The authors bring relevant theological insight and psychological expertise, and draw on deep wells of practical experience and spiritual wisdom. Readers will grow in their understanding of the key issues and be inspired to work together with others for the emergence of a gender balanced church that gives time and attention to teaching about healthy Christian singleness, dating and marriage. As the current Principal of Ridley Hall, I’m thrilled that this college hosted the conference that led to the emergence of The Engage Network. I warmly commend this book to Christians of all denominations.

Revd Dr Michael Volland, Principal, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

If the church is meant to be God’s new humanity, and if everyone is made in God’s image and deeply loved, then we have a major problem. Not reflecting the balance God gave in creation has huge consequences for us all ‒ this book, though, is hopeful and full of practical ideas.

Paul Harcourt, National Leader of New Wine England

This book is brave enough to tackle many difficult but vital topics often ignored by the church, i.e. the way single people are valued and treated, the reasons for church gender imbalance, male/female stereotyping, and what do we teach about relationships? It is a call to rethink and embrace vital change, but it also includes practical suggestions on how to do so, making it an invaluable resource for individuals and churches. 

Sue Monckton-Rickett, Vice Chair, Association of Christian Counsellors

We believe this unique book could have a profound impact on the church and its congregations. It has covered all aspects of relationships, with each chapter being packed full of useful stats and information, including practical advice on how to bring change.   

Fiona and Andy Banes, Executive Directors, Time for Marriage 

Finally, a book that brings together so many important issues that are often ignored or tackled in silos. If you want your churches to be part of shaping a culture that’s welcoming, supportive, and builds up people no matter what their relationships status is, then read this.

André Adefope, Head of Naked Truth Relationships, Co-Author of ‘The Dating Dilemma’

If we are to effectively reach this next generation of young people who live in a broken and fragile world then we, the church, need to be demonstrating gender balanced healthy relationships at every level. This book’s joined-up thinking and brilliant material takes us on a refreshing journey to do exactly that! The combination of experts from different fields contributing throughout brings a richness that makes this book extremely relevant.

Neil O’Boyle, Director, British Youth for Christ

I highly commend this book and the research it contains. The facts are clearly laid out. There is a situation in the UK church that is causing heartache and angst, and the statistics speak for themselves. I implore you to not only read it, but consider the analysis and your part of being the solution. 

Carl Beech, President, Christian Vision for Men

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